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Obama is backing the AGENDA-21 initiatives by supporting the creation of a high speed rail network that will link sustainable “green” mega-cities of the future. High Speed Rail Systems (HSRS) are already being planned for California, linking South with North. The HSRS is seen as an energy sustainable alternative to fossil fuel burning autos and planes. Eventually a HSRS will link up all the mega-cities throughout the United States. These SMART cities will have a totally integrated “domain awareness system”, where all surveillance cameras, computers, and databases are linked together in real time. Sustainable cities, as outlined in Agenda 21 and Rio 20+ global sustainability conferences, will totally monitor and control all energy uses, water usage, food distribution, in short all the things necessary for human survival. All electronic gadgets will be connected to a giant artificial intelligence control grid, not unlike what is portrayed in the science fiction movie, The Matrix. The military-industrial-pharmaceutical-complex is working hot and heavy on NEUROSCIENCE and how to remotely control ALL human beings on earth. NANOTECHNOLOGY makes possible the introduction of atom sized nanoparticles into the brain, and then using different FREQUENCY MODULATIONS , such as EMF,ELF,UHF, and other wireless energy modulations, to remotely alter human brain functions. Thus we have the development of a CYBERBRAIN and totally cyborg created society, and loss of free will and freedom of thought. Already at the up and coming Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, surveillance software using PRE-CRIME technology will be deployed to watch all those nasty freedom loving Americans. You will be arrested, incarcerated, imprisoned, put into a PSYCH WARD, BEFORE you do anything at all! A new high tech fascist global gulag, with a small minority of Elite TECHNOCRAT rulers at the top, a robotic clone android army to protect them, and all the mind controlled worker drones at the bottom. It is called the New World Order.



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It is illegal for a candidate for the U.S. Presidency to go outside the country and raise cash contributions from non-U. S. Citizens. No President has ever tried to raise cash for his run for office by going to a foreign country. The reason is simple; it is a felony to do so. Yet apparently Romney has raised cash in both Israel and London. There are reports that he received a cool million dollars at one dinner table alone! The Obama Biden 2012 ticket may have gotten a big boost if this turns out to be true. Yet the illegal activity is being cleverly concealed in that no donor is identified and there is no paper trail. It is no secret that Romney went to Israel to kow-tow to the Zionists and promise them complete U.S. Military backing for an unprovoked attack on Iran. Do the Zionists control the U.S. White House? How did they gain so much power over the internal politics of the United States? Will Romney just become another ZioNAZI puppet? Everyone freaks out over the possibility that Iran may have ONE nuclear weapon, yet Israel has some 400-5000 NUCLEAR BOMBS and no one raises an eyebrow! Israel is on record threatening to blow up Europe and the rest of the Mideast. So who is the REAL nuclear terrorist here? Seems like the greatest threat to world peace is without doubt the U.S. Imperial Warmongers, the Corporate War Machine of Death (“Killing is Our Business, and Business is Good!), and the bandit outlaw terrorist State of IsraHELL! Who has the power to put a stop to the Global Neo-Imperial War Machine? Will the entire planet be turned into a desolate radioactive death-zone, all because no one could stop the Corporate Death Machine, USA Incorporated? The evil continues to proliferate, while Zombie Americans watch American Idol and play video games.



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Now the Obama-Big Brother-Police State-Surveillance Grid has a mobile app that will tell you whether all your neighbors are Republican or Democrat! A Google map will load, and all your neighbors who are Democrats will be marked with a blue flag. The anti Romney people probably love this! It is just one more piece in the puzzle that creates the TOTAL INFORMATION AWARENESS crypto-fascist control grid slowly being put into place all around us. Everything you do say, watch, email, chat, text, buy, eat, smoke, drink, your entire life on the scanner of some paranoid psychopathic government employee who doesn’t know any better, or care for that matter! The truth is that Americans LOVE their high tech enslavement! They LOVE to lick the jack -boots of their oppressors; they LOVE to watch TORTURE on their high definition video screens. The screams and agony of the tortured must send the vast majority of Americans into orgasms of ecstasy. Americans overall are so dumbed down and zombified, they think wearing Romney t-shirts in support of a proven racist, White Supremacist, Jewish Supremacist, UFO Cult Religion, mega-millionaire, who cares absolutely nothing about the average working folk, is actually going to change America. America is going down the tubes, and nothing will save it. Your militia army won’t save it; after all, our IMPERIAL DEATH TROOPS have been massacring, mass murdering poor innocent Iraqis, Afghans, Pakistanis, and a dozen other defenseless countries. Kicking down doors and confiscating weapons is what the U.S. Military is all about these days. The military have been practicing URBAN WARFARE drill for a decade or more. The stormtroopers will LOVE it when it comes time to kick down your door, and drag your wife/husband and children out by their hair, kicking and screaming, and put a bullet in their heads! After all, we do that to the people of these other countries every day! America, soon to be a wasteland/WARZONE, radiation contaminated, a dust-bowl, no water, robot killer military roaming about as if in first person shooter game, ready to slaughter anything that moves! Ha ha, it is good for stupid Americans to get karmic payback!



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While Romney was in Jerusalem, kow-towing to rich and powerful Jews, he arrogantly remarked on how superior the Jews were, especially in terms of the differing economic realities between the two peoples. Romney, worth conservatively at around a quarter of a billion dollars, was on a fundraiser, asking billionaire Zionist and IsraHELL supporters for money for his Presidential campaign. Romney continues to make racist and insulting statements that the mainstream corporate media whores conveniently ignore. Romney was in England, touting the superior virtues of White Anglo Saxon society. Thus not only is he a racist, White and Jewish Supremacist, but a bigot to boot! How could such a raving lunatic get the nomination to be President of the United States Superpower?? It is only an indication of the absolute spiritual rottenness of a pathetic and dying nation, the USSA.A supremacist running for President who thinks nothing of GENOCIDE of an entire people, the Palestinians and Arabs, and also supports the ZioNAZIS desire to nuclear bomb Iran! A racist,supremacist,genocidal mass murderer wants to be President, and Americans think nothing of it! Romney gives little regard to the occupation of Palestinian land, the imprisonment , torture, and murder of Palestinians, including the brutal killings of children by Israeli Occupation Forces. Few know that prior to the establishment of Israel in 1947, Christians and Jews lived peacefully side by side. It was only when the ZIONISTS stole the land from the Palestinians and massacred any who opposed the theft of their land, that the bloodshed began, and has never stopped. The purpose of the Zionist State was to drive a wedge between Arabs, to prevent them from forming any coherent union. The objective of Zionism today is to EXTERMINATE the Palestinians and Arabs in general, and create a Greater IsraHELL.


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The Colorado massacre in a possible CIA-type staged psyops has led inevitably to the call from Barack Hussein Obama (a.k.a., Barry Sotero) for more gun control. Gee, imagine that! Why is it that every time there is pending anti-gun legislation, as if on cue, there is some lone-nut gun massacre? During the Clinton era, there was legislation in Congress on anti-terror laws, and no one was voting in favor of it. Then, miraculously, there was the Oklahoma City bombing by some alleged right-wing militia nut, Timothy McVeigh. Of course we now know that Oklahoma City was an inside job as well; it is physically impossible for the building to have been sheared through, like a hot knife through butter, just by the truck bomb placed by McVeigh. There are eyewitness reports at the Colorado theater shooting of at least one other accomplice, who took a cell phone call and let someone into the theater, who had a gas mask on. Thus it was IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to positively ID Holmes as the actual shooter! Plus there are reports of a second gas canister being tossed from the opposite direction from the first shooter. Listen to the police radio recordings of a coordinated attack with a possible second shooter! Might as well as have someone wearing a Romney shirt or a Romney bumper-sticker or even a Ronald McDonald outfit, for all the good at identification purposes! Of course the anti-Obama crowd are having a hey-day with Obama wanting more gun control. The U.N. Small Arms Treaty is coming up for vote soon, and the staged Dark Knight Massacre fits right into the plans of the global Illuminati elite.



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There are so many things about the Dark Knight Massacre (DKM) that don’t add up. The reports on how the killer got into the auditorium are conflicting. At first it was reported that Holmes kicked in a theater exit door. That is virtually impossible. Those are fire EXIT doors, very heavy duty, designed to open outward. Then the story changed to where the killer had bought a ticket, went in normally, then waited until a specific time. Then he allegedly got up, went out the exit door, propped it open, and returned in tactical gear to open fire. But apparently there is an eyewitness who says he heard a cell phone ring in the theater, a man sitting watching the movie got up, went to the exit door, and propped it open. If true, that means Homes had help!! In fact, ABC News initially reported there were multiple shooters. There is virtually 100% certainty now that the Dark Knight Massacre was a staged PSYOP, a psychological warfare operation, carried out by CIA/FBI/Military, just like all the “lone gunman” killings in the past!! How coincidental that whenever there is pending anti-gun legislation, out of the blue there is a massacre by some crazed nut, to add justification to disarming the American people. There is a vote coming up in Congress on the U.N. Small Arms Treaty which will go towards disarming Americans. How is it right during a scene in the Dark Knight movie, where the bad guy Bane is having a gun battle with the cops, as if on cue Holmes also enters the theater guns blazing? Here is a guy heavily armed and outfitted with thousands of dollars in SWAT-style tactical gear, AR-15 assault rifle and .40 caliber Glock in hand, then after a murderous rampage, calmly sets everything down, goes out to the car, and waits for police to show up!?? Huh? And this guy wasn’t PROGRAMMED in some CIA MK ULTRA mind control operation? Sophisticated booby-traps everywhere in his apartment…the DKM killer without a doubt had help from military/police/mind control experts/psywar, etc. Welcome to USSA POLICESTATE AMERIKA!



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The Mitt Romney for President campaign is facing harsh challenges from the Obama camp. Many see Romney as the boy who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth (like Georgie Bushy), and has a complete disconnect from the common working man. There is a push to get Romney to reveal his tax returns, and he is reluctant to do so. That wouldn’t be surprising, considering he is worth conservatively some $250 MILLION dollars! Part of that is due ti his running Bain Capitol, an investment firm. Romney likes to point to Bain Capitol as an example of a business creating jobs, but how realistic is that for the average working man and woman? The vast majority of Americans today are working two, three, or even more, part-time, minimum wage jobs to survive economically. An married couples usually have both spouses working, which means extra cost for daycare if they have children. The fact is that the anti-Romney crowd have it right, that Romney is a blue-blood aristocratic noble type who has no cares or concerns about the working poor. Romney thinks releasing his tax returns would hurt him politically, and he is probably right! Americans fought a bloody War for Independence from the British Monarchy over these very issues of Royal Nobles and Blue Bloods being superior to the rest of humanity. Indeed, our Declaration of Independence says something about “all men are created EQUAL”. Huh? Romney doesn’t seem to think that way; he is the New Aristocracy of America, contributing the open CLASS WARFARE now raging across the land. It’s all about “Keeping up with the Joneses”, only now the Joneses are in bankruptcy, their house is being foreclosed on, the creditors are showing up, driving away the new car they just bought ON CREDIT, the repo man taking away all the furniture, plasma screen mega-TV, all the drapes and bed linens, all the children’s clothing, and maybe even taking away Fido the pooch, since that was all bought on credit as well! Americans are in DEBT SLAVERY to their plantation Masters, the Bankers.



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Hidden away in the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act, better known as the Obamacare bill, is a provision that allows for the creation of a MEDICAL army. The are called Ready Reserve Corps and Regular Corps (see section 5210, 203, pg.1312). Although details are sketchy on this Obama MedicalArmy of Nazi stormtroopers, sources indicate some 6000 troopers are now in the Obama Medical Army (OMA). They are not subject to normal command and control structures and protocols, thus making the OMA the most elite and powerful army in the United States. Most Americans are so dumbed down now, nothing more than matrix programmed ‘droids, they do not know that the U.S. Public Health Service is more powerful than Federal ,State,or Local military and police forces. There is no appeal for any actions (or inactions) the OMA may take, and cannot even be judged by any court of law! In effect, the OMA Brown-shirts will be Judge, Jury, and Executioner, if need be! The OMA Brown shirts will have the power of Life and Death, or God Almighty! Also unbeknownst to the Amerikan sheeple, the Model State Health Emergency Powers Act allows for the Medical Army troopers to place you in quarantine, by force if necessary, in the vent of any declared outbreak or contagion. You can forcibly be injected with dangerous drugs and vaccines, against your will. And if you break the quarantine, you will be shot or executed on the spot! No appeal; finished, all over, lights out. In fact, the re4cent movies such as Contagion are actually PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING and PSYOPS to prepare and condition your mind on how to react when the real contagion and global plague begins, all a staged false-flag terror op by the ruling Global Elite Illuminati psychopaths. No where to run, no where to hide.



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The Obama 2012 Presidential elction is off to a bad start; inAnchorage, Alaska, several DOT electronic


construction signs were hacked to read “Impeach Obama!”. There are evn motions in Congress to impeach the President, for various reasons. Some have to do with his ineligibility to be President due to questions over his birth certificate and true nation of birth. The “birthers” allege that the long form live birth certificate submitted by Obama is in fact a forgery and fraud, and not even a good one at that! It is alleged that Obama was born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia, and that his father was not a U.S. Citizen at the time of Obama’s birth. If true, it would mean that Obama is not a natural born U.S. Citizen, and should be removed from office.

There are other contentions, by citizens and congresspeople alike, that Obama has sidestepped Congress and the Judiciary, part of our “checks and balances”, is issuing of Executive Orders, and this would make him a de facto dictator. In fact Obama issued another Executive Order seizing control of all communications in the United States in the event of ANY declared National Emergency, whether natural or man-made. The Executive Order is: Assignment of National Security & Emergency Preparedness Communications functions. Anyone but Obama would not have gotten away with these seditious acts! There are even those who think that Obama should be indicted for treason, due in part to his signing of the National Defense Authorization Act, plus his creating wars that are illegal and have not been declared by Congress. Obama continues to create a Nazi-Fascist like 4th Reich back home, while championing “freedom and democracy” abroad, yet America is being turned into a hell-hole military dictatorship, as bad as what the Nazis and Communists had/have, or worse! Those totalitarians certainly never had the high-technology to create an all-present matrix control grid! Sieg Heil to the Obamanator!

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Obamacare creates revolution?

The latest decision by the U.S. Supreme Court calling the individual mandate of the Obama healthcare plan a “tax” is clearly in violation of the United States Constitution. The Constitution prohibits a DIRECT tax. Obamacare will create the largest increase of taxes in American history. People should study their history regarding the Whiskey and Shays Rebellions which were violent opposition to Federal Government taxation without representation on Americans. Obamacare also violates States Rights, as it takes federal control of healthcare and violates the 10th Amendment. It is also a violation of the 13th Amendment of involuntary servitude, or SLAVERY. Obama also issued Executive Order 13603, giving him dictatorial power over all Americans. Obama the Tyrant can now put anyone in the United States into a forced labor camp, for no reason at all, and whenever he pleases. Obama has total control over all infrastructure, such as energy production, food production, communications, water sources, and even all your own private property! The Obama Regime can march their stormtroopers into your home, seize your property, take your children away from you and put them in custody of the Child Protective Services pedophile rings. The Obama Assassination squads can even murder you in cold blood, and it is all “legal”!

Where is the revolt by the good ole’ boy types? Why do the fat, lazy slobs, sit by while America is turned into North Korea? The Elites have been conducting URBAN WARFARE drill for 15 years or more, preparing to go to war with American citizens who are opposed to Nazi/Communist style tyranny. But apparently the majority of Americans are so dumbed-down and stupid, they actually love and go along with the criminals and murderers! All the FEMA concentration camps are just waiting for their new occupants, because Americans love to grovel and lick the jackboots of their overlords!

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